A lack of information and public awareness motivated
the filmmaker to explore
the topic of Traumatic Brain Injury.
The documentary OVERCOMING sheds light on how everyone
copes with the various consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury in ways that
differ for each individual.

Most importantly, the documentary shows that it is possible
to move on with positivity after sustaining Traumatic Brain Injury.

The intention of the documentary is to raise awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury,
and to provide information on it.

Traumatic Brain Injury can happen to anyone at anytime.

The director/producer Katerina Dejkoska would like to thank
the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts for providing participants
for the documentary,
and the TBI survivors for their continued support.

Also, the director/producer Katerina Dejkoska would like to
express her gratitude to Dr. Arciniegas and Dr. Giacino for their medical consultation
they provided during filming the documentary..