Traumatic Brain Injury can happen to anyone at anytime

A lack of information and public awareness motivated the filmmaker to explore the topic of Traumatic Brain Injury.
The documentary OVERCOMING sheds light on how everyone copes with the various consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury in ways that differ for each individual.
The intention of the documentary is to raise awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury, and to provide information on it.


Because the goal of the documentary is to raise awareness about Traumatic Brain Injury and to provide more information about its consequences it is best if it's seen by TBI patients in hospitals to give them hope that the recovery is possible.
Also, medical and law students at Universities in order for them to get a greater insight into the topic.


It can be arrainged for the documentary “Overcoming" to be seen one time by medical staff at hospitals, students/professors at Universities.
Or the documentary “Overcoming" can be seen on a regular basis by TBI patients, medical staff at hospitals, in classes at Universities for students.


The director/producer Katerina Dejkoska would like the message of hope that the documentary has, to be delivered to as many TBI patients and medical students, staff as possible.



The director/producer Katerina Dejkoska would like to express her gratitude to Dr. Arciniegas and Dr. Giacino for their medical consultation they provided during filming the documentary.

Also, the director/producer Katerina Dejkoska would like to thank the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts for providing participants for the documentary, and the TBI survivors for their continued support.

Participants in the documentary

Documentary Screenings

The documentary was shown at: International Brain Injury Association Congress in March 2017 in New Orleans, Harvard University, Emerson College, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Sargent College - Boston University, International Brain Injury Association Congress in March 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

Film Credits

Produced, Edited, and Directed by

Katerina Dejkoska

Medical Consultants

Dr.Joseph T. Giacino
Dr.David B. Arciniegas
Dr.Naum J. Dejkoski

Music Composition

Katerina Dejkoska
Elena Klinova
Goce Gavriloski



Torb Zwirner


Ernie Pouttu
Noah Canavan
Katerina Dejkoska


Sound operators

Nathaniel Jacques
Daniel Callahan
Joshua Samuels
Rongxin Liu
Royu Guo
Katerina Dejkoska




Music Arrangements & Editing

Elena Klinova

Sound Design

Ana Monte

Sound Editing & Mix

Daniel Deboy



Daniel Callahan