It takes a lifetime to build a good deed. And only a millisecond to destroy it.


“Because of my injury I cannot like go back to the ocean, and surf. So I decided like to relearn again how to swim. That was the key, the thing that most helped me to recover. Because I can like do many movements in the water.”
Jeffrey Fernandini

“He was in a wheelchair. And he cannot get from the wheelchair. We had to put him into bed, take him out of bed. Take him to the bathroom. So, when we take him home…he was like a baby. We had to do everything for him.”
Idel Fernandini, father of Jeffrey Fernandini

“She couldn’t be left alone.”
Michael Uretsky, father of Madeline Uretsky


And then one starts over again. Because every situation has a solution, and one has to search for it.


“After my injury I was extremely determined to … to walk again, to…to read books again ... And that…that really helped me in my recovery.”
Sean Rowel

“What we used to call folks who were struggling with the challenges caused by quote “ A Mild brain injury ” we used the phrase Walking Wounded. You look good…you sound good… you speak well…you are walking without too much difficulty, or without any difficulty…your hands are moving…you can read…you can write…So, what’s wrong with you? Many things are wrong with you ...”
Marilyn Spivack


“The general population suffers TBI’s so much, every day. And, they can happen doing absolutely anything. Not just sports, like in my case.”
Madeline Uretsky

“What it boils down to is every Traumatic Brain Injury is different because every person is different.”
Sean Rowel


“Learn from the folks that have been there. And family members are great source of learning.”
Marilyn Spivack

“The support of loved ones for people recovering from a TBI…is…” Sean Rowel: “Immeasurable” Kelli Rowell: “Immeasurable.”
Kellie Rowell, mother of Sean Rowel

“I don’t think people truly know what somebody goes through when they have a TBI.”
Peter Rowell, father of Sean Rowel

“And I think that just the knowledge that you are not on your own ... The presence…the simple physical presence of other people around, is protective. From depression, and hopelessness, and…frustration. And is very, very important to try to ensure they are available after the injury.”
Dr.Joseph Giacino


“We recently learned that the recovery process goes on longer than I think, we once thought. So, people typically used to think about the first year, or one year as the period in which the brain has to recover. And that, wherever you were at the end of the year, is probably where you are going to be for the rest of your life. And, I think that we know now that’s not true, that does not hold. People continue to improve after that.”
Dr.Joseph Giacino

“It’s really critical to prepare yourself for continually recovering and healing. And it’s a long process. And never give up.”
Marilyn Spivack


It takes determination to look for a solution. Persistence for the solution to be found. And patience until the solution is found.


“Dificultad pero con mucho amor lo sé.”
Maritza Fernandini, mother of Jeffrey Fernandini

“Difficult, but with a lot of love she made. She helped me…she… It was difficult at first, but she made it with a lot of love.”
Jeffrey Fernandini

“It’s like ahh…second chance for me to do all over again. But.. this time…I’m really ...taking it really seriously. And really making it my, my best of effort to do the best.”
Jeffrey Fernandini

“My TBI has changed me as a person in many ways. I’ve learned to become more patient as a person, because I know that the recovery process is slow and doesn’t happen over night. And so, patience has been something that I’ve learned. Also I’ve learned acceptance because this is something that I’ve had to learn to accept to be able to enjoy the rest of my life. And…I know that’s very difficult for some people. But…acceptance has been extremely important as well as a positive attitude.”
Madeline Uretsky

“What I would recommend to other TBI survivors is…Do what you love. In anyway you can. You got joy from that before, that’s why you love it. And you need to continue it because it can bring you a lot more self-esteem. And a lot more self confidence in approaching other new things as well. You always have something to…Always have something to fall back on.”
Steven Machnik

“I would advise distracting yourself during the day. Doing something that you, you enjoy doing. Something…that you are capable of doing now.”
Marguerite MacDonald